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Advertising and Donation Opportunities

Recent results from an article detailing radio listening statistics are very encouraging and
revealing.  Some of the highlights include the following:

          A)   55% of Gen Z in the U.S. listen to AM/FM radio every day
          B)   Adults listen to 104 minutes of radio per day
          C)   Radio holds the highest share of collective trust across all advertising channels
          D)   The average cost of a radio ad in the largest U.S. cities is $513.40
          E)    As work-from-home is here to stay, we 
will see the radio listening moving from car
                  audio radio to smart speakers and the online listening trend continuing.

The complete article can be read from this link "Radio Statistics in 2024."

Shipyard Radio LLC (POWER WRXT) has from its inception been on the leading edge of broadcast technology, broadcasting the best in Contemporary Christian music across the U.S., Canada and the U.K. around the clock!  The links below can provide more information on advertising your business message to our tens of thousands of monthly listeners.

A benchmark of the average cost of a radio ad in the largest U.S. cities being $513.40 is normally for a 30 second ad with production costs being extra.  Our rates are more than competitive.  We can even offer an opportunity to advertise without any production costs with ad rates being a fraction of the national average.  Don't wait.  Click one of the links below so that we can begin this partnership.


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