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Restaurant. Cafe. Salon, Jewelry Store. Gym. Auto Dealer. Clothing. Medical/Dental Practice.  No matter what type of business you own and manage, you need customers to prosper and thrive!!!

We broadcast Contemporary Christian music around the clock across the United States, Canada and the UK!  What a great way to promote your business advertising message in your market and to be heard anywhere in our vast broadcasting coverage area to our tens of thousands of monthly  listeners.

We have made it possible to minimize your advertising and marketing costs through a specially designed radio AD announcement that allows you to be the voice of your announcement message.  You have the passion, conviction and knowledge to voice your advertising/announcement message and save $$$ in production costs.  Also, the time from announcement conception to placement on our AD rotation is extremely fast and can be changed DAILY to reflect new sales, promotions and seasonal emphasis.  We provide the "air time" and you provide the message.

Our "Combo Advertising Package" opportunity includes final audio preparation, ie. making your announcement sound professional and appropriate background "music beds."  Radio messages can be changed DAILY.  AD will be broadcast 7 consecutive hours per day for 30 consecutive days.  We want to work with you in this partnership.  Repetition is the key for remembrance of your AD message. Our high quality radio signal never sleeps.  Use the form upload link to send appropriate AD for web placard.  Text should be minimal, but may take up to 2 - 3 rotating panels.

See for AD webpage broadcast to our listeners. Submit any logo in .jpg format with the provided form link.

Email programs limit the size of attached files and your file is likely to be large.  After submission of the AD Submission form, we will email a special link to the provided email address that will allow you to securely send your large file (this is at no cost to you) to our our on-line "dropbox" account. Upon your receipt of the link, please upload your radio message (preferred audio format is .mp3) or send cellphone video (we can extract the audio) of your advertising message (up to 60 seconds / approx. 170 words). Times will run consecutively.  Due to other programming, actual broadcast times will be plus/minus a few minutes. Limited time slots are available. Shipyard Radio LLC will put it all together. Shipyard Radio LLC reserves right to final edit and/or acceptability. Please view the ad preparation page for more specific information on preparing and presenting your announcement before proceeding.

All transaction payments are in $USD.


COMBO AD Package
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