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Celebrate Your Special Birthday Greeting

Celebrate your BIRTHDAY GREETING with a unique gift that the recipient, your friends and family far away can enjoy, as well as, our entire listening audience.  Your message will be broadcast across our vast listening area including the entire US, Canada & UK!  

Your 15 second audio message will be streamed 3/x day for 2 consecutive days!!

Currently, POWER WRXT is offering a $15 (USD) savings on this LIMITED AVAILABILITY offer
(regularly $59 (USD)),
  Discounted price ONLY $44 (USD) (plus any applicable tax).

We will include final audio preparation, ie. making your ad sound professional and appropriate background "music beds." 
It's as easy as 1...2...3!!!  Email our station of your intentions and prepare your birthday audio message or send cellphone video (we can extract the audio) of your message (up to 15 seconds - approximately 35 - 40 words). For security/safety reasons, it is advised to only use FIRST names and general location of recipient--though it is your choice.  Shipyard Radio LLC (WRXT) will put it all together.  Also, include your preferred broadcast times.  Please include alternate times. (use New York Time as your reference).  We will attempt to satisfy your preferred time request based upon other programming and available time slots.  Your message is likely to require a large file size and most email systems may not accept your submission.  Upon receipt of your email intention, we will send an email with a link for submitting your file to our "dropbox" system and a link for secure ad payment.

If you choose, simply email us your intended message and we will use our artificial intelligence (AI) voice over system OR in-house DJ to voice your message.  You don't have to do anything else.  This is done at no additional charge.  Listen to some of the samples available on this page.

Use the following email address:


The birthday recipient will hear, you will hear, your friends and family will hear in our listening countries (as long as they have internet access) and our entire listening audience will hear!

Time slots are limited.  Please submit your request ASAP!!!

Examples of AI Messages...

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