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Celebrate with Your Special Gift!!!

Celebrate with a unique, special gift to that special someone and celebrate the special moments of their lives!  It's as easy as 1...2...3.  Whether it be a special anniversary, birthday, graduation, retirement, in memoriam, congratulations or any other unique occasion, you can send a creative audio message.  Please click for sample messages.

Your message will be broadcast across our vast listening area including the entire United States, Canada and the United Kingdom!

Currently, POWER WRXT is offering over a 30% savings on this special offer!!!

This LIMITED TIME OFFER is ONLY $44 (USD) (Regularly $64) for this package promotion!  Your 15 seconds message will be aired 3x/day for 3 consecutive days! 

We will include final audio preparation, ie. making your ad sound professional and appropriate background "music beds." 
Email your audio message or send cellphone video (we can extract the audio) of your message (up to 15 seconds - approximately 40 words). Shipyard Radio LLC will put it all together OR if you want us to record your special message, simply email your written request.  Attach your audio/video/written message to an email and send to:


Also, include your preferred 3 daily broadcast times.  Please include alternate times. (use New York Time as your reference).  We will attempt to satisfy your preferred time request based upon other programming and available time slots.

Please...No Vulgarity, Personal Threats or Other Message Inconsistent with Biblical Principles.  Shipyard Radio LLC reserves the right to final edit and/or acceptability.

Safely and securely make payment by most major credit cards on-line. Upon payment (USD), we will prepare and insert your audio message into our programming rotation.

You will hear and our entire listening audience will hear!

It's as easy as 1...2...3!