Produce Your Own Radio AD!!!

Maybe you manage a medical practice.  Maybe you manage a small business.  Both need patients or customers to prosper and survive.

Your patients and customers are increasingly getting their advertising messages through on-line sources.  We stream Contemporary Christian music 24/7/365 across the United States, Canada and the UK!  What a great way to promote your medical practice or small business advertising message in your market and to be heard anywhere in our vast streaming coverage area!

We have made it possible to minimize your advertising and marketing costs through specially designed radio packages that allow you to be the voice of your advertising message.  You have the passion, conviction and knowledge to voice your advertising message and save $$$ in production costs.  Also, the time from ad conception to placement on our advertising rotation is extremely fast and can be frequently changed to reflect new sales, promotions and seasonal emphasis.  We provide the "air time" and you provide the message.

Our pricing packages include final audio preparation, ie. making your ad sound professional and appropriate background "music beds."  We also include "free" custom printed full-color signage and counter pieces to inform your customer of where to hear your advertising message, if needed.  Change the radio ad at your discretion.  We want to work with you in this partnership.  Repetition is the key for remembrance of your ad.  We offer frequent daily ad placements on every day of the week during a time your patient or customer base is more likely to listen in your time zone and area of the country.  Our radio stream never sleeps.

Email your radio ad audio message or send cellphone video (we can extract the audio) of your advertising message (up to 30 seconds).  Shipyard Radio LLC will put it all together.  Attach your audio to an email and send to (Shipyard Radio reserves right to final edit and/or acceptability).

Radio Ad Pricing Packages - 06-10-2021.j

Please view the ad preparation page for more specific information on preparing and presenting your ad before proceeding.

Find out more information by completing our subscription/advertising form or go ahead and get started by selecting the appropriate advertising option and making your purchase.  This discount pricing is only in effect for a limited time, so please act now!

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