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Jewelry Ad - Shipyard Radio - 02-10-21.j

Jewelry Store Ad Packages

Send us your special 30 second audio message (email your cellphone video or recording; approx. 85 words) or we will assist you in the creation and development of your ad which you can review and approve prior to ad placement.

Select the Ad package that suits your advertising budget. We will assist in selecting the time of day for your ad to run.

Find out more information by completing our advertising/subscription form or go ahead and get started by making your airtime purchase now and select the appropriate ad package.  These Ad packages/pricing are only in effect for a limited time, so please act now!

Jewelry Store Ad Package

3x Day/30 Days


(Creative & Production Extra)

Jewelry Store Ad Package

3x Day/90 Days


(Creative & Production Included)

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