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High School Days are the Best?

What are Your Special High School Memories?

Send us your high school remembrance (email your cellphone video or recording) and music mix selections and subscribe to a 30 minute programming slot.  We will run your special programming for 7 consecutive days.

You send us the audio message (we will professionally prepare it for airing), provide several favorite music tracks.....select the time of day....and we will put it all together!  (Shipyard Radio reserves right to final edit and/or acceptability). Shipyard Radio streams across the US, Canada and UK.  What a great gift for someone to enjoy or a special fun way to acknowledge the special moments of your life!  All of your old high school friends, work associates and family will be able to hear your customized programming, no matter where they live!

Our discounted pricing package is now only $159 (regular $189) for a 30 minute slot!

Find out more information by completing our subscription form or go ahead and get started by making your purchase now and select the appropriate "High School Memories" option.  This discount pricing is only in effect for a limited time, so please act now!