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Who is the Hero in Your Life?
Do They Know?

Maybe it's a fireman, policeman, military member, teacher, parent, friend, medical professional or mentor!  Whoever inspires you the most!  Let them know!
Send us your audio remembrance and acknowledgement for that special hero in your life!   Email your audio message or send cellphone video (we can extract the audio) of your acknowledgement (up to 30 seconds) and we will place your subscription hero ad in our programming rotation for 7 consecutive days!  Shipyard Radio LLC will put it all together.  Attach your audio to an email and send to or use the US or Canadian contact number listed at the top of this page.  The UK number cannot accept attachments. (Shipyard Radio reserves right to final edit and/or acceptability). 

We stream Contemporary Christian music 24/7/365 across the United States, Canada and the UK!  What a great way to celebrate the hero in you life and for listeners to enjoy with you anywhere in our vast streaming coverage area!

Our discounted pricing package is now only $159 (regular $189) for up to a 30 second slot (7 consecutive days) in our program rotation!

Find out more information by completing our subscription form or go ahead and get started by making your Hero Ad Purchase now.  This discount pricing is only in effect for a limited time, so please act now!