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II Timothy 4:2 states, "Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching." (NKJV).  Also, Mark 16:15 tells us,
"And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature." (NKJV). Shipyard Radio LLC (POWER WRXT) can help your church extend its missionary and evangelistic message beyond its location on a weekly basis.

We broadcast Contemporary Christian music around the clock across the United States, Canada and the UK!  Historically, the Roman roads provided a means for early believers to travel (especially when persecuted) and to share God's Word.  Today's technology allows God's message to be delivered virtually around the world in just a few moments.  What a great way to be heard virtually anywhere in our vast broadcasting coverage area to our thousands of listeners!

We have made it possible to minimize your outreach costs through specially designed broadcast packages that allow you to be the voice of your devotional message.  You have the passion, conviction and knowledge to voice your devotional message and save $$$ in production costs.  Also, the time from message conception to placement on our programming rotation is extremely fast and can be changed weekly.  We provide the "air time" and you provide the devotional message.  Please ensure all messages adhere to the essential tenets and spirit of the station's "Statement of Faith."

pricing packages include final audio preparation, ie. making your devotional sound professional and appropriate "openers" and "closers."  Messages can be changed weekly.  We want to work with you in this partnership.  The pricing packages indicated below could be included in your mission/evangelistic budget or sponsored by key members in your congregation. Repetition is the key for remembrance of your devotional message. Our high quality radio signal never sleeps.

Please email your intentions to broadcast your devotional message
and your requested message placement times (Use New York Time as reference)  to devotional  Requested times may have to be modified due to other programming commitments and time slot availability.  Accepted message times will be the same for each of the 5 consecutive days after they have been inserted into the programming rotation.

After receipt of your initial email, Shipyard Radio LLC will send two emails to your attention.  One of the emails will be sent with a special link to enable the secure transfer of your message to our attention.  Your audio file is likely to be very large and email systems do not allow for the attachment of large files.  If your church can record your message, this audio file can be transferred to us using this special link (preferred format is .mp3)If necessary, you can use your cell phone to send a video message using this link. We can extract the audio portion.

The second email that will be sent from us is for the secure payment in $USD for your devotional message.

After receipt of your audio file and payment,
Shipyard Radio LLC will put it all together.
Shipyard Radio LLC reserves right to final edit and/or acceptability.

SAVE 60% - $432
FINAL $ - ONLY $288

GOLD Devotional Package - 3 Minutes
3x/Day - 5 Consecutive Days
TOTAL of 15 Message Placements

SAVE 70% - $1,008
FINAL $ - ONLY $432

PLATINUM Devotional Package - 6 Minutes
6x/Day - 5 Consecutive Days
TOTAL of 30 Message Placements

All transaction payments are in $USD.


1) Pray.
2) Identify the primary Biblical point your message is trying to present.
3) Touch emotions.

4) Paint a picture.  Say your Biblical comments in a way that paints a picture in the listener's mind.
5) Be careful with the use of "churchy" language and be aware of referring to cultural nuances that may not be understandable by the hearer.  Our broadcast signal crosses multiple time zones across the US, Canada & UK to primarily a secular audience.
6) Speak in a conversational tone.  Speak slowly. Don't rush.
7) Be careful with background noise.
8) Practice.  Allow others to critique your efforts.
9) Have fun.
10) Leave the results to the Holy Spirit.


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