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Broadcast your Biblical Message

on Shipyard Radio Streaming

Across the US, Canada & UK

Send us your Biblical Message or Bible Study (no more than 30 min) to be broadcast  every Sunday.

You send us the audio Biblical message (we will professionally prepare it for airing), Select your preferred Sunday programming time block and we will put it all together!  (Shipyard Radio reserves right to final edit and/or acceptability). Shipyard Radio streams across the US, Canada and UK 24/7/365.  What a great way to proclaim Biblical teachings to our broadcast listening audience!

Our discounted pricing package is now only $549 (regular $629) for a 30 minute slot and 4 consecutive Sundays.

Find out more information by completing our subscription form or go ahead and get started by making your purchase now and select the appropriate Biblical Preaching option.  Our discounts are only in effect for a limited time, so please act now!

Please review the Statement of Faith Shipyard Radio LLC requires broadcasters to follow by clicking here.

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